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Alligator is a platform for wholesale sales and purchases of food

We work for entrepreneurs who want to supply or order goods in bulk without a service commission. Our main goal is to simplify the process of finding partners for the supply or purchase of goods.

We are not an online store. All transactions on the site are carried out directly between the supplier and the customer.

To customers
  • More than 1400 verified suppliers
  • More than 17,000 products at the most favorable prices.
  • Get price lists from many suppliers at once and choose the best offer in the "Purchase Requests" section. This is a unique opportunity for customers to place a lot for the purchase of a certain product and attract the attention of suppliers.
  • More than 30,000 potential buyers per month
  • Convenient interaction with customers
  • The ability to show the product catalog to many customers at once
  • Quick and easy filling of product catalogs with the possibility of import/export
  • Automatic verification of counterparties, quick access to documents, contacts and details
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